Reviews & Clippings

"Sursensational: If 'sur' means beyond, then add it to 'spectacular' and apply it to the photomontages of Scott Mutter."

      Chicago Suburban Times Newspapers, June 23, 1993

     "It's a safe bet that Scott Mutter, surrationalist, is producing works of impact that will make themselves felt far and wide. And they'll be here, there and everywhere you look for a long, long time to come."
      Wynn Koebel Foster Chicago Suburban Times Newspapers, June 23, 1993
     "A master of the surreal combo image."

       David Elliott, Chicago Sun-Times

     "His best photomontages go beyond the immediate impact of visual incongruity and offer the complexities of mind mazes."

      Berthe Allisohn, New Art Examiner

     "Published a little over a year and a half ago, Mutter's Surrational Images was selected by USA Today as one of the year's nine most interesting books of photography for 1992 -- or any year for that matter."

      Jon Bystrom, Rock River Times, May 26, 1994

      "Mutter achieves the element of surprise by melting the antithetical images together in a realistic way, so that the eye accepts what the head doubts."

      April Austin, Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 25, 1988

     "Up against Mutter's visionary skill, it's relatively assured that no other photomontage artists are in the ballpark."

      Daniel Devane, Daily Illini, Feb. 26, 1990

     "I'm not a photographer. I study culture."

      Scott Mutter



Scott Mutter was an active hockey player in his youth.

Scott wore number 1 on the club team.